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How might COVID-19 enable new approaches to the social and emotional aspects of learning next fall–or whenever we re-enter our schools? What is working to support well-being, build relationships and prioritize Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), right now? What barriers prevent you from integrating SEL more into your work? What supports do you need to integrate SEL equitably into your practices–especially with remote learning?


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May 18th, 2020

SEL During Distance Learning Through Parent Engagement

Distance Learning has resulted in virtual community dispersement making it difficult to meet the SEL needs of students. Schools and teachers have done great work to ensure SEL is at the forefront of their work. However, obstacles are beyond what a classroom teacher can address alone.
Some students are not accessing the digital classroom for a myriad of reasons; connectivity challenges, family displacement and stress, or simply emotional disengagement.
To serve these hard to reach students, our SEL system needs to include outreach and support for parents and families as well as enrolled students. On the basic…

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May 18th, 2020

SEL Critical Lynchpin for Learning

As during Distance Learning, SEL will be a critical component to support students physical and academic well being when we return to school (in whatever form). Being mindful of Maslow's hierarchy means needing to take emotional wellness and safety. Students watch TV, read headlines, over hear conversations and may have observed some suffering of loved ones - physical, economic or emotional - during this time. All of these impact student lives and their ability to learn. Attention to SEL needs to lead the back at school effort. At a most basic level the relationships built in the first parts of…

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May 18th, 2020

Opportunity for SEL-Academic Integration

Our current health crisis is an opportunity for us to differentiate between social emotional supports for mental health/well-being and supporting adults and children in growing in the social emotional competencies necessary to engage in academic learning remotely and/or in person.

Engaging in specific practices with both adults and students to allow a safe space for expressing emotions and sharing how to manage those emotions are examples of providing social emotional supports for mental health/well-being. Utilizing CASEL’s 3 SEL signature practices (welcoming/inclusion activity, engaging strategies, optimistic closure), for instance, promotes a climate of belonging and connectedness that…

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May 17th, 2020

In consideration of SLOW Leadership

COVID-19 is bring attention and momentum to the importance of Social & Emotional Learning in an unprecedented way. How we ultimately balance the tension between the need for urgent action and thoughtful engagement with stakeholders strikes at the heart of the work itself. I won’t purport to know the answers. Indeed, I believe none of us do. And that’s a key point that is hard to make in a system that’s about "knowing" and "evidence based practices" and "doing what works". As I find myself learning from theories of living systems my own paradigms are shifting. And I wouldn’t be…

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May 16th, 2020

SEL as a lever for Equity

In order to best respond to these questions, first I think we need a clear definition for what we mean by Social Emotional Learning (SEL). SEL is the process by which children AND adults develop and experience foundational inter/intrapersonal skills around these key competencies: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, Responsible Decision Making, and Growth Mindset. This definition is based on the work of the Collaborative for Academic Social Emotional Learning (CASEL Core Competencies) and the work of Carol Dweck (Growth Mindset). Social Emotional Learning is the Universal approach to a positive climate/culture, a lever for deepening adult mindsets and…

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