June 8th, 2020

We need to begin with ourselves and honor our adult learner selves

Dr. Pam Moran refers to this new book, Define Your Why by Barbara Bray as an "SEL Curriculum for adults". While not truly a "curriculum" but rather more of a blueprint, Bray shares insights from her own journey to help us find our "ikigai" (reason for being). We are all unique individuals and searching for our "why", writing about our purpose, and using self-reflection and wonderings. Adult or child, we all need to search, discover, reflect, repeat...

Tags: Adult SEL, Mental health, SEL Leadership

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Comments (1)

Comments (1)

This is so important especially in these times that we remember to take care of ourselves and our staff. This is a key detail that as an SEL committee member for our site that we are looking into tools/strategies for not only our students but our staff and families as well.

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