June 6th, 2020

Understanding History and The Role We Play to Shape it and SEL

We are living a historical moment. We need to understand that we indeed are at a transitional point in history. How do we address it will ultimately shape generations to come. Looking back at 1992 we had the LA Riots or LA Rebellion, in the 1960's the Civil Rights Movement, the Anti Vietnam War Movement, The Chicano Movement, The Asian American Movement, The American Indian Movement, The Gay Liberation movement, The Women's Movement, The Student Movement, The Environmental Movement and others. The reality is that we will continue to have movements to better the human condition. This is the reality since as we know structural changes as well as an operational paradigm shift needs to occur to change the current societal reality.

The socio -emotional well being of all is at hand. For many children, the way their parents react to the current chain of events is what they will emulate. As educators, it is up to us to reassure our children that we are here for them. While we look ahead to a new civil rights movement we also need to keep in mind the new social reality of COVID 19 in society.

Education will never be the same so we need to teach our students new social norms while still respecting cultural and parental values. Education will be the pathway to a more humane society that not merely teaches tolerance but embraces acceptance and validates every human life.
SEL and legislation will play a key role in ensuring that such lessons are incorporated in the classroom by classroom educators. We must incorporate this component to our daily instruction just like ELD.

What will come of the current events... time will tell. We know this to be true, we need to provide SEL for all as we face a COVID 19 educational reality. All means exactly that, all stakeholders, educators, parents, students, administration, and community partners. They will benefit from SEL curriculum that can be utilized at home and anywhere to support school learning and foment a balance in the daily lives of all.

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Comments (1)

Mr. Hugo,
These are emotional times, with many parents telling their kids different opinions that range the spectrum all the way to conspiracy. Grappling with this will be a challenge because you are right, kids emulate their parents. So much histeria promoted by click-bait and quick sources, 24-hour news cycle, poor role-models, construed statistics, and omission of facts sounds Orwellian, but looking at it from the lense of a 12 year with a phone, whose bombarded with these circumstances, how do they handle it? What skills will they need? Pardon the obscure questions, but SEL is going to help us address these points.
I wanted to ask you what does an SEL activity look like in your classroom? Thanks for posting.

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