May 29th, 2020


I had written a response that included the critical idea that addressing the social emotional needs and wellbeing of our students is not a check list nor a list of curricula, but must be a system-wide approach that coheres all aspects of schooling from policy to curricula to practices to the modeling of "beingn-ess." This morning I read an article "Designing Schools for Human Flourishing and a Thriving Democracy." Erin Raad's view of school system design is not just about curricula, but answers important questions like:

- What is the vision of the world we want to co-create?

- What are the qualities of a human being that we want graduating from our schools for that vision of a world that is humane and thriving for all?

- What helps human beings to thrive?

So this means that there needs to be a coherent, systems-wide plan from top policies and mandates to what children experience daily in school that answers these important questions.

It cannot be just test scores and graduation rates for self-actualized students, but must include the notion of a transcendent being - a ME-WE sensibility, as Muhammed Ali, said in his poem shared at Harvard's1975 commencement.

My hope is that this forum will lead to something radically innovative, not just for sake of innovation, but something aspires for greatness in our students for the good of the whole.

Tags: Climate and culture, leadership, SEL Policy

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Comments (1)

Hi Linda:

Creating something that is "radically innovative" is a worthy goal. What do you think that would look like? What is your radically innovative idea(s)?

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