June 5th, 2020

Social Emotional Learning and Trauma-Informed Relationship that are also Strengths-Based Should not be Optional

I would like to comment on the need for leadership in establishing the imperative for all schools and communities to embrace the absolute necessity for developing or evolving social emotional learning in a time of broader social collapse. The state of our social contract has been exposed by the pandemic to be in shreds, in ways that directly relate to the uneven approach education has taken to meeting the whole needs of students and building positive relationships with parents, communities, and within schools themselves. We need a clarion call that all of us have the opportunity to be part of the changes we need. We have the expertise and knowledge - it's "in the room"- and we have a great degree of good intention. Perhaps we need to directly work on how to mobilize education, and all of us, NOW to be a more effective force - systemically as well as school by school - for personal and social evolution so we can survive in a healthier world.


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