May 19th, 2020

Smaller Classes/Better Communication/Equity

I've got a few things I'd like to put out there:

First cutting Secondary classrooms in half, or more, for distance learning. Maintain teacher salaries without cuts for smaller classes.

Providing means of communication with students and parents. Teachers need phone numbers they can call from; we shouldn't need to divulge our personal phone numbers to students and parents.

Doubling up on counselors throughout public school to assist teachers, students, parents, and admin maintain an open and transparent means of communication, support community members as liaison between community members.

Assign each school its own IT professional, not a few people for the entire district. Each school will need a robust and experienced IT professional to be continuously focused on each school site to help all community members.

Additional course work offered weekly for parents on how to use technology, how to assist student learning, AND for ESL parents if they'd like assistance in learning English.

A High School semester course on living digitally, applying for jobs, maintaining contacts, responsible social media use, privacy, etc.

RSP teachers have case loads lightened, increase RSP teacher assignments at each school so that more kids can get one-on-one help as described in their IEP.

Oversite/coaching, within each district, preferably at each school, consistently looking at equity of instruction and students that aren't participating - problem solving issues, giving PD to teachers on equity of instruction and grading.

Teachers implement SEL instruction throughout the school year; An SEL coach for each district could conduct ongoing PD. SEL should be included on teacher and admin evaluations.

Tags: community building, equity, relationships, SEL & Equity

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Comments (1)

Hi Caleb:

Thanks for joining our conversation. What ideas do you have for accessing these additional resources assuming state budgets will be strained?

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