May 26th, 2020

Small Rural School having an impact

We are working hard to make certain we continue to do what we do best during these unprecedented times and that is loving our students and letting them know we care! We do this by the use of ZOOM meetings with parents and students, Remind App to send messages, class apps like Class DOJO and BLOOMZ, in addition to Google Classrooms and student email. In addition to all of this technology we have been making phone calls, sending notes and cards, driving by students homes and providing home visits. Every single member of our staff is participating from the classroom aids to the teachers to office staff and Admin. We also have a part-time Social Worker and part time Psych who are reaching out to our families regularly as well.
Having said all of that- there is absolutely no substitute for having the ability to look at, listen to and communicate with our students in person every day. Some of our littlest can not reach out for help if they need it, and some of our older students won't. The ability to observe them, read their body language, watch their faces and their expressions, these are all ways that we assess our students needs.
Can we and will we continue to serve each and every one of our students? YES. because that is what we do but our absolute preference would be to have our students back in face to face instruction.
Incidentally I am an Adjunct Professor and I feel the same way about my Graduate students- sometimes they need to see how much we care and just need someone to listen- but if we haven't been able to meet them and build trust with them it adds a layer of complexity.

Tags: Climate and culture, community building, relationships, student-centered

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Hi Julie:

What challenges do you expect when school returns in the fall (in whatever form)? How are you planning for that?

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