June 5th, 2020

SEL with distance learning

I teach Transitional Kindergarten and when we went to distance learning I built my entire virtual platform around SEL. What I found was that utilizing strategies, content and materials that focused literacy and math through an emotional and social based lens was critical to my student's adaptation to and success with the brutal disruption that occurred to their personal and school lives during the crisis. My intuition drove my compulsion to meet my students where they were and my education, knowledge and research informed my lived practice and my experience now drives my conviction that SEL is essential to all learning and vital to learners traumatized by displacement. Young children are neurologically constructing relational and adaptive schematics, matriculation through their compulsory education facilitates the breadth of their reach for capacity for socializing and internalizing beliefs about their security, self awareness and value. The necessary disruptions that ensued as a result of COVID 19 inadvertently impacted the organic evolution of that internal process for 1,000's of students. What I discovered is that through intentional planning and assertion of growth mindfully based practices and curriculum I was able to mitigate some of the fallout in the aftermath of displacement. I believe that with the intentional implementation of cohesive, research based practices the positive outcomes that resulted for my students could practically be replicated for other struggling students "en masse" as well.

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Comments (1)

I appreciate that you use the term displacement. Because, even though they have been at home, they have been displaced.

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