May 28th, 2020

SEL Identification

If schools are not offering Tier 1 education (coping strategies, executive functioning practice, social emotional vocabulary and practice), then they will be overwhelmed with Tier 2/3 students in need.

After establishing what TIer 1 approach to offer as a school, the next step should be a universal identification of each student in need so that schools can prioritize. There are many simplistic, electronic forms that can be filled out by teachers, students and/or parents to get identification of need in a matter of minutes (ACES, SRSS, YIPS/YEPS, etc.)

The second step is to allocate resources based on age, identified need and priority (tier of response needed for each child).

As you offer interventions for Tier 2/3, track the progress of students using a simple rubric (can be based on participation and use of strategies). If a student is tracked in an intervention for 2+ cycles, they might need to get escalated to a higher tier or a different approach to an intervention.

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