May 18th, 2020

SEL During Distance Learning Through Parent Engagement

Distance Learning has resulted in virtual community dispersement making it difficult to meet the SEL needs of students. Schools and teachers have done great work to ensure SEL is at the forefront of their work. However, obstacles are beyond what a classroom teacher can address alone.
Some students are not accessing the digital classroom for a myriad of reasons; connectivity challenges, family displacement and stress, or simply emotional disengagement.
To serve these hard to reach students, our SEL system needs to include outreach and support for parents and families as well as enrolled students. On the basic level, this may be some SEL tips and guides for parents to support their children at home (here's a site I developed for our District, and on the deeper level, it may be working with wrap around services to identify family needs and connect them to resources.
An SEL plan that is based on equity will need to be tiered to adequately meet the need of the varied student and family and circumstances.

Tags: SEL & Remote learning

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