May 18th, 2020


What is working?

- consistency and flexibility is what is working. Being able to be reliable and resourceful for students and families. Provide a simple way of contact with students, and having an email address where you can communicate and schedule video chat to check in when students have the need to talk to you.

What else is needed to ensure that social and emotional conditions for learning, nurturing relationships, and attention to mental health and well-being are prioritized for all our students and staff?

-Build a relationship with the client/student. To be able to put a face, be creative, not just a curriculum to follow but to have a fun topic to talk, share stories that promote empathy, have interactive exercises that you can do with your client/student and that they can share with others as well.

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Comments (1)

I whole heartedly agree with what's working (flexibility and consistency) as well as what else is needed! I am working with a the student services team in one district where early on each educator (counselors, psychologists, OTs, PTs, RSP teachers, etc.) reached out to connect with each student and family. That made a huge difference in both equitable supports (doing whatever it takes to support each student's needs) and having students remain engaged.

Soon thereafter, general ed teacher realized THEY need to reach out to individual students and families--which immediately increased students' participation in distance learning.

The most recent insight by teachers with whom I've been working is that laughter and fun are necessary ingredients to engagement and learning! And, this holds true in leading, as well. One principal I know holds tea/coffee time on Fri. mornings (8:15-8:30) and last week, they went on scavenger hunt looking for items around their homes for something living, something purple, something cuddly, etc. Everyone got off their screens, ran around, and came back laughing and sharing.

Yes, connection, community, and FUN are needed.

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