May 19th, 2020


I see, as all of you in this world of online learning and distance learning our students that use sat in class and were high achievers are now learning to advocate for themselves and still placing a value on education. The student that use to sit in class and struggle are either non existent, checked out, or checking in but not doing anything. Those that struggled even attending class before are gone.
Our teachers have done a great job of stepping up to the challenge of getting online with very little direction/guidance and making the best of it, however now that this seems to be the new norm there needs to be guidance on reaching out and connecting with students. Students have been traumatized and will be re-traumatized upon "return to school" when it doesn't look the same as anything they know school to look like. I am not positive our teachers/staff are ready to deal handle this.
I believe the most important thing right now is to connect with the students, check in and provide opportunities for the students to have a voice and for the teachers to really reach out to those hard to reach students to try to say, I miss you, check in at class.
Our teachers really have been amazing in this, now it is time for next steps as it appears there is not an end in sight.

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Hi Wendy:

What additional supports do teachers need? How about the students who were checked out in class and now have disappeared?

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