May 18th, 2020


I have an established rapport with my students and have been easily able to continue that relationship through remote learning. The first thing I did in remote learning was survey my students to get a read on how they feel and how I can support them. I individually reached out to students based on their responses. I did this again a couple of weeks later.

Going forward this will be more challenging if we are not in the classroom. I can't imagine remotely meeting my students for the first time. If this is the case when school starts I will do a Google form to learn about my students.

If we have a hybrid of remote and in class learning I will spend the first portion of the year establishing a relationship of trust and security. I will build upon this through in class activities and remote learning check ins. In class team building will be a challenge with social distancing. Hopefully with smaller class sizes we can complete activities and discussions in a safe manner.

The key for me is starting the year with some in classroom time with students. Then Google forms check ins.

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Hi Shanin:
Thanks for joining our conversation. If there is no in-person class time, what additional supports would you need to develop that relationship with your students and help them develop a relationship with one another?

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