May 18th, 2020

Relationships are Key to Student Success

Due to COVID19, I am hoping that everyone sees the need to place a high importance on social emotional learning. Our role as educators is to do our best to remove any obstacles we can to support student learning outcomes and success. That being said, relationships are key and maintaining a student centered environment is key. I believe this can be accomplished by making sure adult and student expectations are clear and adult and students needs are met. Currently at my site, I lead with a policy of "family first". I believe in order for me to expect 100% from my staff, they have to be 100% in their personal life and self care and this requires flexibility on my part as their leader. Because we care about each other, it is extremely easy for us to care about our students. Our integration of social emotional work has been key to our students academic and social emotional success and it shows in our data. As we switched to a remote learning environment, we switched into more structured protocols to support our students. We have an online COST referral form to track our data and we meet and discuss our students needs twice a week.

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Comments (1)

Hi Edith:

Caring for the caregivers is shaping up to be a big focus of this Wiki. What are the supports needed to build a "family first" policy? What lessons can you pass along to others who need to create one?

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