May 18th, 2020

Reacting to the realities of the quarantine

After years of spreading the gospel of purposely and actively using online tools in classrooms what makes instruction successful is the relationship the teacher has with his or her students. Effective distance learning cannot be sustained by using the 'grade' incentives or replicating the workload that students used to get in the classroom. First and foremost the emotional well being of the student needs to be at the center of planning instruction and possible learning goals. My students are struggling with the idea of "purpose". Why do assigned work? it seems futile to them. But when we talk about how "purpose", routines and finding that passion of learning first before we dive into a curriculum or standard students start opening up. I am noticing that the reading gains that my students have achieved have begun to slide. A barrier that I see my students deal with is finding quality and engaging reading that is digitally available. Services that thru a portal give access to students to the latest books would be a start. Trying to keep their minds engage is necessary for their developmental and academic growth.

Tags: equity, relationships

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Comments (1)

Hi Fernando:

Why is it so much more difficult to help students see that connection in a virtual classroom than in a physical one? As for the books, is there a role for libraries to play here?

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