May 18th, 2020

Re-entering school - Performing Arts

All the things that the arts do to promote SEL are complicated by distance learning. It's in the title - distance. The arts help promote and encourage connection. Having physical distance interrupts connection.

That being said, many are using online meeting tools to help our kids feel connected to each other - Zoom meetings, Virtual group performance and the like. Arts teachers are especially good at connecting with kids. And arts teachers are used to dealing with adversity - many of us live year to year with the possibility of having our programs cut.

The inequalities that exist between students are magnified tenfold now. Of my 120 students in music classes - only two own their own instruments. One out of every 8 has access to an instrument. Of those, only one out of every 4 have place to practice.

Personal challenges are also common. My wife also teaches. My two kids have Zoom meetings, homework....... It can take up to 3 hours to load a 3 minute video of instruction for my guitar kids to follow.

For support, I feel that every kid needs to be able to connect - in real time - to teachers and fellow students. To create and share their work, kids need access to better networks for us to have a chance to recreate that environment that makes the arts so special, so powerful - that makes the arts so life-changing.

Tags: SEL & Remote learning

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Comments (1)

Hi Corey:
The healing power of the arts is shaping up to be a key focus of this online conversation. How can you use that to convince legislators, district leaders and other that the arts should be central to student learning?

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