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How might COVID-19 enable new approaches to the social and emotional aspects of learning next fall–or whenever we re-enter our schools? What is working to support well-being, build relationships and prioritize Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), right now? What barriers prevent you from integrating SEL more into your work? What supports do you need to integrate SEL equitably into your practices–especially with remote learning?


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May 16th, 2020

Relationships and Connectedness are Critical

In 2018, Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and New Teacher Center conducted a study on educator emotions in the workplace. We asked questions regarding school culture and climate and health indicators (diet, exercise, sleep, depression, alcohol/drug use, etc.). We learned the top 3 emotions in spring 2018 were overwhelm, stress, and frustration. However, we also learned that connected, positive relationships among teachers, with administrators, and with and among students, served a protective factor for educator's overall health and wellbeing.

In spring 2020, Yale CEI conducted a similar survey, and learned that anxiety, stress, and worry, and…

Tags: Adult SEL, Climate and culture, Mental health, SEL & Remote learning, SEL Leadership, SEL Research

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May 16th, 2020

Opportunity in the Gaps

In my meetings with district leaders this past week, it's clear no one knows what the school day will look like in the Fall. However, one thing is certain - there will be gaps. Will the gaps be in the morning, the afternoon, every other day, four days a week, just for some students or all students? That remains to be seen. These gaps are where I see huge opportunities to support the social emotional well-being of children. The Covid-19 crisis has increased our capacity for empathy, ability to collaborate remotely, spurred unprecedented initiative, and forced us all to practice…

Tags: Adult SEL, SEL & Equity, SEL & Remote learning, SEL Leadership, Trauma-informed practices

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