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How might COVID-19 enable new approaches to the social and emotional aspects of learning next fall–or whenever we re-enter our schools? What is working to support well-being, build relationships and prioritize Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), right now? What barriers prevent you from integrating SEL more into your work? What supports do you need to integrate SEL equitably into your practices–especially with remote learning?


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June 7th, 2020

SEL - Train them for Potluck and not TopChef

We have centered our education system (and probably a lot of social contractual systems) as Top Chefs. We train for success and the message that gets amplified is "it is a zero-sum game". This is inherent in the winning/losing and ranks and awards structured in different competitions/scenarios in all walks of life.

Our psychological evolution has been primed for survival and the winning/losing set up leads to implicitly making it as our first instinct. So much so, that even when the situation requires us to work collaboratively, we more often tend to play competitively. Nature works with…

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June 7th, 2020

Mental Health vs Physical Health

In our home we have 5 children. Kindergarten, Second, Fifth, Eighth, and Sophomore. I have seen a range of reactions and adjustments to our distance learning. All of which show signs of Mental Health distress.
In our haste to protect from COVID-19, we neglected to take into consideration the mental stress such a HUGE change would trigger. We ripped our children out of their familiar learning institutions and quarantined them at home. Not all children have the luxury of living in a space that is conducive to learning. There are so many factors of which I am sure that…

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June 7th, 2020

SEL Integration w/ intention, sustainability & collaboration

Speaking as a parent of an incoming 5th & 7th grader:

What is working to support well-being, build relationships and prioritize Social and Emotional Learning (SEL):
- The COVID now response: Not a lot has happened in this area due to the crisis schooling mode we are just about to complete. What has been helpful are teachers checking in with their students & connecting via zoom on a daily basis, engaging students in their learning via zoom, teachers & admin emailing parents with a good response rate and offering compassion in their support.

Tags: community building, curriculum, equity, freire, Integrating SEL into academics, leadership, peace education, restorative practices, student-centered, Trauma-informed practices

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June 7th, 2020

Comprendiendo la Historia y el papel que jugamos en forjarla y Aprendizaje Social – Emocional

Estamos viviendo un momento histórico, pero no único. Necesitamos entender que efectivamente estamos en un punto de transición en la historia. Como abordamos este momento es crucial por que se convertirá en la fundación para las siguientes siete generaciones por venir. Mirando hacia atrás en el 1992 tuvimos los disturbios o rebelión de Los Ángeles. En la década de los 1960’s vimos el Movimiento de Derechos Civiles, el Movimiento contra la Guerra de Vietnam, el Movimiento Chicano, el Movimiento Asiático Americano, el Movimiento Indio Americano, el Movimiento de Liberación Gay, el Movimiento de Mujeres, El Movimiento Estudiantil, el Movimiento Ambiental,…

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June 6th, 2020

SEL is possible with remote learning

We should require SEL as a mandatory class. These are truly essential life skills. So much of our mental health plays a factor into our overall well being and success. Learning about emotions and how to regulate them is essential too. I do believe general SEL skills is truly worth being its own course at all school levels.

Tags: Climate and culture, community building, curriculum, equity, Integrating SEL into academics, leadership, Mental health, school climate and safety, SEL & Equity, SEL & Remote learning, SEL Leadership, SEL Policy, SEL Research, student-centered, students, Trauma-informed practices

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