May 18th, 2020

Opportunity for SEL-Academic Integration

Our current health crisis is an opportunity for us to differentiate between social emotional supports for mental health/well-being and supporting adults and children in growing in the social emotional competencies necessary to engage in academic learning remotely and/or in person.

Engaging in specific practices with both adults and students to allow a safe space for expressing emotions and sharing how to manage those emotions are examples of providing social emotional supports for mental health/well-being. Utilizing CASEL’s 3 SEL signature practices (welcoming/inclusion activity, engaging strategies, optimistic closure), for instance, promotes a climate of belonging and connectedness that elevates motivation, engagement, and collaboration.

Being explicit to teach the specific skills that support students to engage in a particular content area/ activity is social emotional learning integrated into academics. This requires us to identify the discrete skills in each category of SEL core competency.

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Comments (1)

Hi Rosie:

What additional supports do teachers need to successfully integrate SEL and academics?

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