May 26th, 2020

Non-violent Communication - Teaching SEL Across the Curriculum

A tool that students can use to explore the SEL competencies is non-violent communication. Using NVC, students identify their feelings and the needs behind them. In the NVC paradigm, all feelings have underlying needs. If a person has a positive feeling then their needs are met (hopefully in the most beneficial ways). If a person has a negative feeling, then some underlying need is not met. When a need is not met, students can begin to explore the options they have to meet their needs. Inherent in this process are the SEL Competencies. students must be self-aware in order to identify their feelings and needs, and they must consider responsible decision making in order to meet their needs.

NVC can be used in restorative discussions, community circles, and academics.
This tool can also be applied to texts across the curriculum. When reading a text, they can think about how the characters/people are feeling and what needs are met or unmet. This process involves claim, evidence, and reasoning as they base their claims on evidence from the text. NVC is a tool to teach SEL which can be used in both face to face and online learning settings.

Tags: Integrating SEL into academics, restorative practices, SEL & Remote learning

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Comments (1)

Danna, thank you for sharing this concise and illuminating summary about how Non-violent Communication can be used in school settings. I appreciate your explanation of how NVC can address both SEL competencies and academic work.

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