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June 4th, 2020

NBCT Teacher Librarian

What an opportunity we have right now to re-envision teaching and learning. We can build the 'think tank' to include all perspectives, and ask questions that help us focus on goals and the actions that can make them happen. We need to look at not only the whole child but the whole "village". We have teachers who provide the on-the-ground daily interactions and instruction, counselors and nurses who give care and nurture our physical and mental health. We have support personnel in cafeterias, classrooms, and playing fields. We have administrators and policy makers who create the processes that organize our system. Teacher Librarians provide access, instruction, and collaboration for all these colleagues and should be a vital part of your team. Let's look at ways to think out-of-the-box for our kids: beef up CTE alliances and apprenticeships (including the trades of course, but also the arts, and right-out-of-high-school careers), partner with community businesses and non-profits and our excellent Community Colleges to provide teaching and learning across a wide swath of learning opportunities. Creating a wide variety of learning paths will directly support SEL opportunities for all our students. Creating a wide variety of teaching paths will also allow teachers to teach with and to their strengths. Let's take this time to re-imagine (and actually create) what excellent learning can truly look like. Right now.

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Comments (1)

Profound and soooo important. This is the 21st century, and the internet has changed EVERYTHING ... expanding all possibilities ... education integrated with SEL enrichment must be expanding, too.

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