May 26th, 2020

MTSS Acceleration

COVID-19 closures have presented a unique opportunity to fast-track our development of MTSS in public education. The unprecedented strain on our students, families, school infrastructure and education funding will require us work together to do a better job supporting our students. We will need to collect and use actionable student data, develop an aligned system of systematic supports for our students, and work together, across departments, to implement a comprehensive program of prevention and timely intervention for our students. In districts where this has not been a top priority, this is now needed even more than ever. Buy-in from the top down, as well as from the community and other stakeholder groups is critical for development and implementation of this model. Our students need to feel connected, supported, and engaged before they are ready to learn again.

Tags: Climate and culture, community building, leadership, Mental health, relationships, restorative practices, Trauma-informed practices

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