June 7th, 2020

Mental Health vs Physical Health

In our home we have 5 children. Kindergarten, Second, Fifth, Eighth, and Sophomore. I have seen a range of reactions and adjustments to our distance learning. All of which show signs of Mental Health distress.
In our haste to protect from COVID-19, we neglected to take into consideration the mental stress such a HUGE change would trigger. We ripped our children out of their familiar learning institutions and quarantined them at home. Not all children have the luxury of living in a space that is conducive to learning. There are so many factors of which I am sure that you are aware.
We made a HUGE sacrifice of our Mental Health in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones from COVID-19. Now that we understand the disease more, we need to think of how best to provide an environment conducive to learning. This might mean that we need to take a few risks in our Physical Health in order to protect our Mental Health.
Myself and My children WILL NOT survive another round of 0 distance learning at home. There are programs and activities at school that my children depend on. Most of which are in the Arts. Music, Ceramics, Drama. Without these many children suffer greatly.

We were given NO Social and Emotional training or support. My eldest is begging to see a Psychiatrist, because she simply can no longer cope. There are few and far between and all very expensive.

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