May 18th, 2020

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One of the Covid-19 bright spots for me as an education consultant at the non-profit Collaborative Classroom has been the rich partnering work I've observed. School and district leaders have used technology to convene groups that, because of physical distance, would never have connected. They are being vulnerable and asking questions, sharing resources and potential solutions in service of the communities for whom they care so much.

One such group is the Collaborative Classroom Community on Facebook ( The group predates Covid, but it has become so much more robust as more educators come together virtually looking for curricular support, technological solutions, ideas for engaging families, etc. I have especially appreciated the Facebook Live conversations. Some of the topics are first-apply-your-own-oxygen-mask in nature; there have been conversations on teaching while parenting or attending to self care. Many others address student-facing aspects of remote learning. I know many educators are looking forward to the ideas and considerations they'll glean from the May 19th conversation on saying goodbye to students. I appreciate the timeliness of the topics, the respectful and nuanced understanding the presenters bring, and the rich chat discussion.

Tags: Climate and culture, Mental health, relationships, SEL & Remote learning

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Comments (2)

Hi Emily:
Thanks for joining our conversation. Are those conversations all/mostly organic? Were any created by school districts or other organizations? Is there a role for educational organizations to play here? Or does it work because it is educator helping educator?

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Hello, Cindy. The topics addressed and the ideas shared are informed by the work we do with schools and districts. For example, an event was created in response to posts from coaches who wondered how they could be most effective during remote instruction. The resulting conversation,, featured two instructional leaders who shared their learning. In addition to learning from their successes and challenges, I gleaned so much from the ideas and articles shared in the chat. It's definitely about educators helping educators. With this community and these events, Collaborative Classroom is lending that work structure.

The whole series has been rich, but I'd highlight a few given our SEL lens:

Maintaining a Caring and Connected Classroom Community

Teacher Wellness Practices: A Conversation About the Importance of Self-Care

Teaching While Parenting: How do we manage to support students and our own children at the same time?