June 5th, 2020

How might we help students realize lifelong learning skills and un-bound full potential?

We need a balance of trauma informed care and social emotional learning in our schools and workplaces to create a healthy environment for our communities to transform, grow and thrive in sustainable, equitable and resilient ways. Our kiddos need to build SEL skills in resiliency and problem-solving to learn to find their voice, express their voice and tackle complex problems in reflective, comprehensive, collaborative ways.

As the k-14 system prepares young people for the workforce, college, running a household and more, how might we be innovative in bringing trauma-informed practices and SEL into our classrooms, to build supportive pathways for our students to spark interest in problem solving, curiosity, innovation and skills for lifelong learning? How might we adequately help students grow into their full potential to pursue dreams and tackle complex social, economic, environmental and other issues? If students were like little seedlings in a garden, what would they need to grow (soil, air, water, space)?

One of the biggest challenges facing us today, is global climate change. To mitigate climate change also means to contend with global pandemic, global recession, and since the death of George Floyd, amplified justified civil unrest. How might we utilize trauma-informed practices and SEL to discuss these challenges in the classroom (appropriately) to prepare students for a life outside of the classroom (at home, at work, as a kid weathering quarantine, in our conscious minds) in healthy ways?

A safe and healthy planet for our future is essential for our kiddos to know that they have a place to inherit, to care for and to call home. A safe and healthy planet requires healthy people, healthy homes, healthy environment, a new vision for a vibrant economy (i.e. behavioral economics), with access to education, nutrition and whole-person-centered health care (mind + body + spirit).

By embracing the sciences, natural law, trauma-informed practices and SEL in evidence-based, informed ways, we can help give our kiddos the strength, momentum and resilience to grapple with innovation, creativity and challenge needed to shape change for the future.

Thank you so much for letting me share my thoughts! I am very appreciative for this opportunity to share comments and listen in on this forum.

Resource for Climate Science learning, free app download here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/climate-science/id1490770847

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