May 26th, 2020

How can we improve Court School Offerings?

Hello Colleagues,

As I am supporting the Court schools in Alameda County, I have found that Distance Learning and the offerings associated with it create a huge dilemma for Educators AND Probation. For instance, Google Classroom is meant to expand the possibilities of learning and requires the internet. However, the internet access poses a problem because students are now put in a situation where they have access to information that they are not supposed to. They are very savvy and work around most firewalls.

What would it look like to provide a "shell" of Google classroom or other internet dependent curriculum offerings that only allow for "self-contained" internet content that is ONLY available to teachers and students in court schools.

This is a class of student who has certainly been left out of many of the mainstream conversations, so I am speaking for them. Part of their being in our Juvenile Justice System is a direct correlation to the HUGE gaps in their educational learnings and outcomes in the first place.

Very much open to other ideas and dialogue.

Tags: curriculum, Integrating SEL into academics, SEL & Remote learning, student-centered

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Comments (2)

Hi Earl:

That is a conundrum. If you were in charge, how would you fix the problem?

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If Google and Apple is in my back yard... I go through their front doors and talk to them about how they can be good neighbors to this particular population. Discourse is the key and action is the knob that opens the door.