May 26th, 2020

Early Start and Preschool

Very young children do not learn well via distance learning - i.e. through a screen or on pieces of paper. They learn by touching, doing, experiencing, being with other children. So distance learning has been very difficult for our youngest learners. Coaching of parents in how to work with they children has been a good way of supporting our young children during distance learning, but the children are not necessarily getting the direct support from the service providers. We also need the proper materials, tools, and training to provide distance coaching to parents and distance learning to young children. Learning together in a school setting will provide challenges as well as young children don't understand keeping masks on or staying 6 feet from each other. We will need special considerations for very young children as we come back to buildings to teach our youngest children.

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Comments (1)

A developmental lens to effectively support learners of all ages is so important!

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