June 1st, 2020

Director of MTSS

We have a great opportunity to promote SEL at this time. I believe all of our staff have been able to recognize the great needs of our students and families during this time. They have been able to make SE needs their priority. At this time, we are supporting our teachers in self care and self regulation and optimism so that they can do the same for their students. We are sending home SEL lessons that parents can do with the students and we are using the on line platforms to promote interaction among students and staff around SEL topics.

The support that will help moving forward is to match SEL with CCSS so that our teachers can integrate the SEL topic with their content and not see it as only a stand alone. Many of the free resources we access will go away so it would be important to know how to access other free resources or have a resource data base at the CDE.

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Comments (1)

Hi Eileen:
How are you supporting teachers in self care and self regulation and optimism? And do the free resources have to go away? Should we be fighting to keep them?

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