May 26th, 2020

Director of Curriculum and Instruction/CTE

Barriers in the past have included time, training of teachers, and buy in from staff. This new environment will allow us to wipe the slate clean and build a schedule that will allow us to provide much-needed teacher collaboration time, and embedded time in the day for instructional, behavioral, and social emotional supports. We are fortunate to have a lot of resources in our district, including instructional coaches. The roles of these personnel need to be adapted to facilitating teacher collaboration time to re-structure class pacing plans, and to participate as leaders in student-study teams to assign students to interventions and manage the process.

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Comments (1)

These ideas to innovate schools by schedule changes that prioritize the whole child is so important. Unless the systems pragmatically supports student support and SEL by making time for it in the school-day, it's left to individual teachers to make it happen.

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