June 1st, 2020

Deeper collaboration with community partners

Finding a mix of virtual and distanced engagement to connect and have dialogue with our communities is critical as we help balance social and emotional needs as a response to any trauma. Understanding that building empathetic relationships in school environments will help reduce barriers to connecting and learning in the classroom. The connections need to happen with families as well. If they are to be a greater extension of our learning environment then we must look at supporting home and communities as well. This means developing more collaborative partnerships to strengthen communities through the school systems to ensure that all children have access, even in the communities that struggle most. These deeper partnerships will help challenge barriers of poverty, racism, homelessness, domestic violence and any trauma our children face. This needs to be a united effort so our children can be more engaged in the learning.

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Comments (1)

HI Veronica:

Several people here have talked about this challenge. What ideas do you have for achieving your goal of deeper partnerships to overcome the barriers?

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