June 11th, 2020

Consistency and Predictability,

The last three months of the reality we have come to adapt to called COVID 19 has been one that has at moments been overwhelming. The uncertainty of not knowing when we will find a vaccine makes it more daunting.

However, as we work with our communities to provide consistency and predictability in delivering distance learning of curriculum, we must also deliver SEL lessons. I share the terms consistency and predictability since these two ensure a schema that allows for the human psyche to know, that while chaoss or uncertainty is around, those areas that are constant and predictable allow for the human psyche to maintain a sense of equilibrium. This is crucial for all stakeholders to create a sense of normalcy.

In the case of children, they are able to communicate with peers and instructors allowing at minimum for a virtual community that foments a sense of belonging and familiarity.
For parents, a sense of relief and reassurance that their children are part of a greater entity and that their mental health is being address by allowing them to be one with their communities. Simultaneously, addressing, the academics that will empower our children to face the challenges of life. For the instructor, a sense of giving and purpose allows them to continue delivering curriculum that prepares our students to meet the rigors of academia; while incorporating SEL lessons allows all stakeholders to create a sense of empowerment during the current COVID 19 reality.

During this transitional period, all stakeholders are developing the tools necessary to address the roller coaster challenges of the day. Predictability, Consistency and SEL allow for equilibrium of the mind and spirit. Enhancing the lives of all stakeholders and maintaining a sense of community.

Tags: Adult SEL, Climate and culture, community building, family, freire, Integrating SEL into academics, Mental health, relationships, student-centered

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