May 18th, 2020

Connected Learning: and anthropological perspective

As we think about continued learning in the fall and during a pandemic, I'm using my anthropological training to help guide how we incorporate rituals, wellness, sense of community, and human adaptability into our modeling. For example, we are re-thinking how new learning opportunities are arising and how we can use hybrid learning models (flipped classrooms, rotations of in-person and "the SF outdoor cityscape" to enhance our project-based learning models. We have also moved away from letter grades (equity, inclusion, personalized learning) this semester and focused more on student engagement, feedback, and skill development so that students continue to set goals for themselves. We are using narratives for feedback, personalized for every student, and subject area. This fits within my school's values and mission and aligns with our restorative practices philosophy.

Tags: Climate and culture, equity, restorative practices

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Comments (1)

Comments (1)

I really appreciate the anthropological perspective and your highlighting of rituals, wellness, sense of community and adaptability. That seems like it will provide excellent grounding for a return to school. Thank you for bringing that perspective forward. I will be considering those pillars.

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