June 1st, 2020


Prior to the start of this year, we rolled out our social-emotional learning three-year plan for our school district, with the focus on strengthening our adult SEL to then leverage the teaching of our core principles to our students and families. Our "north star" for that plan centered around "CARE"; we wanted our district community to be "connected, aware, responsible, and empathetic". During this time, that has been tested, however, we have not wavered from those core tenants and in fact is going to be more important now than ever. In working with our students, teachers, and families, health, safety, and wellness remain at the forefront of our reopening plan. In various committee meetings, it has become abundantly clear there are vast perspectives on what is needed to open up our schools again. While there is no one "right answer", what is crystal clear, is that people need to emotionally reconnect and reengage with each other. As such, moving towards developing a school reopening plan, there is a need to: be prepared to reCONNECT in a meaningful way, to be AWARE of the social-emotional needs and trauma that will present itself, be RESPONSIBLE for providing support, resources and training to address those needs, and to be EMPATHETIC to each other as we have all experienced different journies and circumstances in the last three months. Keeping CARE at the forefront of a student-centered approach is going to allow us to navigate the uncertainties that will continue in the fall with a humanistic perspective.

Tags: community building, connection, student-centered

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