May 31st, 2020

2020 Vision

In order to have an understanding of what our students need to be college and career ready we must have perfect vision which means it is neither near sighted or far sighted. As educators we must ensure our focus is clear because what we focus on is what we value. If we value equity then we will have a clear focus dedicated to promoting equity from our classroom practices to our hiring practices. In an uncertain time it is more important than ever to be clear about the purpose of what we are doing. Distance learning must have clear goals and objectives that are standards aligned with clear expectations for teachers. Distance learning must have clear goals and objectives for social and emotional learning and practices. All educators in the organization must be prepared to support our students and their families academically and socially/emotionally to ensure sustainability. Everyone needs to understand what 2020 vision looks like and sounds like in the organization so students thrive.

Tags: equity, Integrating SEL into academics

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